AppoTech Attends the 2018 (Summer) China Smart Speaker Industry Summit
        On the afternoon of April 27, 2018, the 2018 (Summer) China Smart Speaker Industry Summit was held in the Shenzhen Kexing Science Park. The president assistant of AppoTech attended the summit on behalf of the company with its customer Mr. Ryan Li, CEO of Shenzhen Peiko Technologies Co. Ltd.

        The Summit attracted attendees from about 300 companies in the smart speaker industry and invited seven representatives from Texas Instruments, Nuance Communications, China Telecommunication Technology Labs and other institutions to make speeches and participate in round table discussions. They shared their opinions about the prospect of the industry, discussed the difficulties facing all smart speaker designers, and offered some cooperation opportunities.

        As a leading smart sound chip designer, AppoTech attended the Summit at invitation and learned a lot about the cutting-edge technologies and products by communicating with top companies in the industry. Thus, AppoTech becomes more determined to follow through the development of smarter high-end Bluetooth audio player microcontrollers and high-performance audio decoder microcontrollers. We believe that AppoTech smart chips will be a part of all smart speakers in the near future and integrate music into every corner of human life in a smart and dynamic way.