Care for Left-behind Children: AppoTech Participates in Social Welfare Activities
Huaxia Social Welfare Association, left-behind children
        As the saying goes, he who does others good will have good fortune. AppoTech (Taiwan) has not only been persistent in benefitting the society with scientific innovation but also paid close attention to people in straitened circumstances. To help them with their difficulties, AppoTech (Taiwan) continued to make donations to the Huaxia Social Welfare Association in the past years.
        On January 9th, 2018, the Huaxia Social Welfare Association held an award ceremony to extend their gratitude for all enterprises who had offered help to people in need. Mr. Chuck Cheng, the CEO of AppoTech, was invited to the ceremony and awarded an appreciation certificate for the donations that AppoTech had made. Mr. Cheng said it was a great honor for AppoTech to help the left-behind children in Xinzhu and he hoped that more enterprises and people would join in the cause and care for people in need.